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The Inception of Acaderma

As scientists first, we have always been curious about the unharnessed potential of botanicals. This curiosity drives us to search the world, discovering novel and natural alternatives to toxic chemicals, with the mission of finding better and safer solutions for skin health.

Everything that we do is based on rigorous academic research, and we believe that science has the power to transform our beauty dreams and aspirations into reality. Rather than simply publishing papers in scientific journals, we take it one step further, harnessing the value of our academic research in the development of amazing technologies. These in turn power our simple, yet effective skincare products.

It's a long journey from scientific discovery to a product on the shelf, but our curiosity and scientific integrity keep us motivated to continue our path of innovation and boundless discovery.

NO KIDDING → Rigorous Academic Research
The 4 Steps to Discovery, Evaluation and Validation
Extraction and Identification
Use HPLC, NMR and chromatographic technologies to isolate and identify the working components inside the plant extract.
Large Scale Screening
Use skin cell model as efficacy tracking system to screen effective fractions and give up real-time feedback to improve extraction procedure.
Cellular Action Mechanism Study
Use molecular biology technology (western blot, florescent scope, etc.) to study the action mechanism of effective ingredients
Efficacy and Safety Validation
Use artificial skin model and clinical trial as a replacement of animal test to validate efficacy and safety.
"I want to deliver scientific integrity directly to consumers, to create a new generation of simple, highly effective skincare products."
Dr. Shuting Hu
CEO & Co-Founder, acaderma
Beyond Scientific Research
Dr. Shuting Hu, an IFSCC award-winning young cosmetic scientist and female entrepreneur of Sephora Accelerate 2018, met Prof. James Simon, a distinguished plant biology professor. Together, their purpose was to establish a sustainable system of plant sourcing for cosmetic purposes. Working together with African local NGOs, they are now exploring botanical sources with potential health benefits. They seek to use traditional plants in new ways -- to reimbue them with new purpose and economic value.